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LUS-1000 Plus


Fully automatic one-button measurement technology

Click "Start measuring" button on the interface, and automatic eye-location, automatic focusing, automatic measurement can be completed.

Fast measurement

3-4 groups of data collected within second, measurements for both eyes in just 25 seconds.

8 eye parameters can be obtained by one-button measurement

Including axiallength, corneal curvature, axial view angle, cornea thickness, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, white to white distance, pupil size.

Eye Care Cloud

The measured data can be uploaded to the eye care cloud, and the personal ophthalmic data files can be established to help prevent and control myopia in children and adolescents.

Easy to operate, easy to train

With only a few minutes oftraining, operators can quickly get started.

Visual acuity screening for prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents

  • Easy operation, fast measurement, and suitable for large-scale screening projects such as schools.

  • Establish personal visual health files for timely and effective detection of visual changes, which is suitable for prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents.

  • Multiple measurement modes to address requirements for different scenarios.

  • Measurement ofaxiallength and corneal curvature helps diagnose axial myopia and refractive myopia.


Biometric multi-parameter measurement data

  • Axial length: 12~34mm, axial resolution 0.01mm, ±25μm

  • Corneal curvature: 4.7~11.2mm, resolution 0.01mm, ±10μm

  • Axial view angle: 0°~180°, resolution 1°, ±9°

  • Corneal depth: 300~800μm, resolution 1μm,  ±2μm

  • Anterior chamber depth: 1.5~6.0mm, resolution 0.01 mm, ±20μm

  • Lens thickness: 0.5~7.0mm, resolution 0.01mm, ±50μm

  • White-to-white distance: 6.5~16.6mm, resolution 0.01mm, ±0.3mm

  • Pupil size: 1.9~13.5mm, resolution 0.01mm, ±0.3mm

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