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Treatment Beam

Type: Frequency-doubled Nd:GdVO4 Laser

 Wavelength: Green: 532 nm

Power output: Adaptor output:

50mW~1,200mW adjustable by step;

50mW~100mW, 5mW step;

100mW~300mW, 10mW step;

300mW~800mW, 20mW step;

800mW~1,000mW, 50mW step;

≥1000mW, 100mW step;

Allowable tolerance between actual output power and pre-set value is within ±15%.

Pulse duration: 0.01s ~ 3s ± 5%

Pulse interval: 0.05s ~ 1s ± 5%; or Single Pulse (SP)

Duty cycle1: When output power is within 50mW ~ 500mW , duty cycle is not limited;

When output power is within 500mW ~ 1000mW , duty cycle is limited to 60%;

When output power is above1000mW , duty cycle is limited to 50%.

Pulse Counter: 0~9,999

Laser beam spot size: 50µm~500µm, continuously adjustable, the allowable tolerance of scale is within ±15%; the allowable tolerance of minimum scale (50µm) is within ±15µm.

Beam divergence angle: Adaptor output, 13.8°± 20%

Repeatability of laser power: RP ≤±10 %

Aiming Beam

Type: Semi-conductor Laser

Wavelength: Red: 630nm~680nm

Output Power: ≤1mW, adjustable by level

Cooling System

Primary Cooling System: Intelligent TEC (thermal-electric-coupling) semi-conductor cooling; Secondary Cooling System: Air-Cooled.

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