• All parts of the system are fully monitored and controlled by microprocessor technology

  • Smooth and efficient control of emulsification with digital frequency tracing technology for handpieces

  • Easy operations and user-friendly interfaces with large TFT touch screen and functional menus

  • Up to 10 sets of parameters preset meet different requirements and simplify the surgery operation

  • Automatic test checks tubing and handpiece problems (e.g. blocking or leakage)

  • The peristaltic pump gives full control of aspiration flow rate and prevents anterior chamber from 

  • shallowing, giving stronger suction when working under I/A mode

  • Built-in vitrectomy and cautery

  • Intelligent voice reminder

Ultrasonic Emulsification (U/S)

Frequency: 40kHz

Functional mode: Continuance, Pulse, Linear and Burst

  • Continuance: Emulsifying Power Range 0~100%

  • Pulse: Frequency Range 1~99Hz

  • Linear: Emulsifying power linearly controlled by the footswitch, varies between 0~100%

  • Burst: Burst-Stopping Time 1.5~0s; Burst-Working Time 5~100ms

Maximum Vacuum: 500 mmHg

Maximum Flux Rate: 40 ml/min

Irrigation/Aspiration (I/A)

Flux Rate: 0~40 ml/min 

Reflux Rate: 20 ml/min

Maximum Vacuum: 500 mmHg

Vitrectomy (VIT)

Cutting Power Source: Air pump

Cutting Frequency: 20~600 cuts/min; or single-cut mode

Maximum Vacuum: 500 mmHg

Maximum Flux Rate: 40 ml/min


Maximum Power: 10 W ± 20% (200Ω)

Type: Bipolar

Power preset between: 0~100%

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