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Nominal Ultrasonic Frequency: 50MHz

Gain: ≥105dB

Digital Scan Converter Capacity: ≥1024×768×8 bit×64;

Grey Scale: 256 Levels

View Ports: (Width × Depth): 8.25mm×5.5mm (Narrow-view Mode) or 16.5mm×11mm

(Full-view Mode)

Display Delay Depth: 3mm at 16.5mm × 11mm; 7mm at 8.25mm × 5.5mm

Display Mode: B Mode

Applications based on Microsoft Windows XP operating system

Resolution: Axial≤0.04mm; Lateral≤0.04mm

Accuracy of Geometric Positions: Vertical≤10%; Horizontal≤15%

Number of Image Captured: No less than 16;

Video Capturing: Video saved in *.AVI format

Frame-by-frame, step-by-step cineloop and dynamic cineloop

Double-key Footswitch: Scan/Freeze, Image capturing and saving;

Communication Interfaces: USB2.0 Interfaces

Image Output: Output by a printer with USB interfaces

Image Processing: Brightness and contrast adjustment, Gamma/Color Transformation,

Color Conversion, Zooming and Annotation;

Image Measurements: Length, Area, Angle and Perimeter

Report Print-out: Chief complaints, clinical examination and imaging description printable

Image File Format: JPEG, BMP

Monitor Resolution: 1440 x 900

Patient Record Database Management

50MHz UBM Images

  • Angle-closure Glaucoma

  • Chamber Angle Recession

  • Narrow-Angle Glaucoma

  • Suspensory Lieament

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