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Ultrasonic frequency: 10MHz.
Scanning method: mechanical sector scan.
Gain control: 98dB.
TGC: -30dB – 0 dB dynamic, manually adjusted (5 scopes).
Display mode: B, B+B, B+A, A.
Scanning scope: depth 34mm-60mm, scanning angle: 53º.
Dynamic review: 5.6sec/56 images, single or multiple.
Gray scale: 256.
Pre-image processing: frame even.
Post-image processing: 4 groups of curves (liner, logarithmic, exponential, S).
Color Display: 8 color modes.
Electronic caliper: electronic cursor for multiple distance measurement,
Accuracy no less than 0.25mm.
Area measurement: Accuracy no lower than ± 0.0625mm2.
Delayed depth control: 0mm~15mm.
Built-in Calendar & Clock.


Probe: 10MHz with Fixation Red Light

Resolution: 0.01mm

Biometry Accuracy: ≤±0.06mm

Measuring range (AL): 15-39mm.
Total gain: 98dB, user adjustable gain range: 0-55dB.

Measuring parameter: anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous length and axial length.
Measuring mode: 5 (normal, aphakic, special, dense cataract and manual measuring).
Measuring method: immersion, contact.
IOL calculation: SRK-T, SRK-II, BINK-II, HOLLADAY, HOFFER-Q, HAIGIS. Any two calculations can be compared and displayed on the same screen.
Calculation of 8 groups’ average with standard deviation (S.D.).
50 groups of results saved permanently.
groups of IOL constants can be saved.

Standard Configuration

ODM-2200 Ultrasonic A/B Scanner

10MHz B Probe

10MHz A Probe

Foot Switch

Test Object


  • Retina Detachment

  • Vitreous Haematocele

  • Vitreous Organization

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