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Ultrasonic Frequency: 50MHz

Gain Control: ≥105dB

Display Resolution: 1280 ×1024 or 1024 × 768

Gray Scale: 256

Delay: 3 mm - 12mm

Field of View (depth × width): wide view (10.6mm × 13.5mm), normal (5.3mm ×6.7mm)

Scanning Method: sector scan

Resolution: Axial: 50um; lateral: 100um

Accuracy of Geometrical Position: axial: ≤10%; lateral: ≤15%

Display Mode: B

Image Buffer Space: ≥100 images

Screen Measurement: distance, angle, area and so on

Communication Interface: USB

Image Format: JPG, BMP

Film Format: AVI

Footswitch: Start\Freeze and Capture image

Image Processing: Brightness and contrast adjustment, γ correction, color change, color reversal, amplification, text annotation

Print Report: Observation, image content can be selected to print

Hard Disk Capacity: more than 80GB

Monitor Resolution: 1280 x1024


  • Ciliary Body Detachment

  • Corneal Degeneration Below Nose

  • Glaucoma

  • Iridodialysis Below Temporal


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