• High frequency & high resolution

  • B mode

  • Two view ports (6.7mm × 5.3mm & 13.5mm × 10.6mm), full or half sulcus-to-sulcus images

  • Flexible probe operations

  • Alarm and auto-freezing triggered when the probe approaches the cornea 

  • One single clinical report can be accompanied with up to 30 images for print-out

  • Image processing and measurement; report storage, search and statistics

  • Built-in calendar & clock

  • Portable design 

  • Massive storage capacity

Probe frequency: 50MHz

Resolution: axial≤0.05mm, lateral≤ 0.1mm 

View ports: 6.7 mm x 5.3 mm, 13.5mm x 10.6 mm

Display: 13.5°/27°

Variable delay depth: 3~18 mm, adjustable by step of 1 mm

Image processing: brightness, contrast, annotation, etc.

Screen measurement: distance, angle, area, etc

Report printable with: patient’s information, clinical test, description of images

Total gain: ≥105dB

Gray scale: 256 levels

File formats: jpg & bmp


  • Ciliary Body Detachment

  • Corneal Degeneration Below Nose

  • Glaucoma

  • Iridodialysis Below Temporal


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