• Easy setup for installation and maintenance purposes

  • Fixed on mobile wheel stand for transportation

  • Height adjustable stand

  • Shorter movement for slit lamp releases back fatigue

  • Easy & intuitive operating console

  • Emergency Stop Button

  • Treatment Room Connected Button

  • Adjusted focal plane for laser beam and aiming beam

  • Adjust diopter for slit lamp binocular microscope only to focus the laser & aiming beam on the target

  • Highly concentrated laser beam and quick dispersion


Laser Type: Nd:YAG, Q-Switched

Wavelength: 1064 nm 

Burst: 1, 2, 3 pulses per burst

Pulse Duration: 4.5 ns

Repetition Rate: 2.5 Hz

Energy (Power) 

A) 1-pulse maximum output: 11 mJ

B) 2-pulse maximum output: 19 mJ

C) 3-pulse maximum output: 28 mJ

D) Output Energy Regulation: 100% ~ 6% adjustable by 7 steps

Cone Angle: 18°

Spot Size: 30 μm

Aiming Beam Wavelength: 630~655 nm

Cooling System: Air Cooled

Dimension: 765mm x 610mm x 420mm

Weight: 19 Kg 

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