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Laser wavelength: 1064 nm±5 nm

Laser mode: multi-mode

Laser pulse output: single-pulse, dual-pulse and three-pulse

Time characteristics of the laser pulse output

a) Laser pulse width: 4.5ns ± 10%

b) Duration of laser pulse sequence: dual-pulse≤30µs; three-pulse≤50µs

c) Maximum emission repetition rate of laser pulse sequence: 2.5Hz±20%

Laser output energy (in front of eyeball)

a) Maximum output energy of single-pulse: 11mJ±20%

b) Maximum output energy of dual-pulse: 19mJ±20%

c) Maximum output energy of three-pulse: 28mJ±20%

d) Output energy adjustment: 100%~6% 7-grade adjustable, the allowable tolerance between actual output and preset value is ±20%

Laser output energy reproducibility: RP ≤±10%

Laser beam convergence angle: 18°±20%

Focal plane spot diameter: 30µm±20%

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